sabato 28 agosto 2010

Build 12759 - Paladin News

Bonjour, today i'll show you the latest interesting paladin changes
1. Holy Power Interface: I can say only this - Awesome!

2. Relic slot items are now more similar to any other slot:
Check this image and you understand. 
3. Long Arm of Justice (new talent): Your Judgement has a 100% chance to increase your movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds when used on targets at or beyond 15 yards.

4. Eye for an Eye reworked: Now makes all magic attacks against you have a 40% chance to cause 30% of the damage back to the caster

5. Eternal Glory (New Talent): Gives your Word of Glory a 40% chance to not consume Holy Power

6. Divine Purpose Reworked: Judgement, Exo, TV, DS, Inquisition and Holy Wrath all have a 40% chance to generate Holy Power

Stay Tuned for more Info, paladins!      Thanks MMO-Champion for images.

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